Welcome to City Tours Bulgaria!

City Tours Europe already has its own subsidiary company in Sofia, Bulgaria: "City Services OOD" (address: Sveta Troiza 298/1/16/57, Ilinden). This company was founded in 2006 to provide City Tours and its partners all around Europe with business stationery. Consequently, City Services OOD is specialized in the fields of printing, graphic arts and layout. For example, City Services OOD enables you to book flyers, posters, business cards, all kinds of printed clothes such as caps, T-Shirts, overalls, or any kind of promotional gifts and giveaways.

With the assistance of City Services OOD, we are planning to open a complete subsidiary of City Tours in Bulgaria very soon. City Tours Bulgaria will offer the following services:

  • Bus rental service in Bulgaria: buses, motor coaches and minivans for city tours, sightseeing tours and bus transfers in Bulgaria.
  • Bus trips to Bulgaria: planning, organization and execution of bus trips to Bulgaria.
  • All-inclusive packages in Bulgaria: buy all-inclusive packages for single travellers or tourist parties on the Black Sea coast.
  • Interpretation services in Bulgaria: find competent interpretors for a business trip in Bulgaria or a holiday in Bulgaria.

As the offer of City Tours Bulgaria is still in construction, we would ask you to contact our central office in Vienna for any question regarding travel-related services in Bulgaria. We can already offer some services in Bulgaria - and at any rate, we will be able to recommand further reliable companies in Bulgaria, which will be able to help you. Please send your questions by email at . Your email will be immediately redirected to the right specialist from our team.